Reporting to the PCDCS Board of Directors, the Administrator is responsible for ensuring that high quality child care services are provided to support children and families in the communities served.  The Administrator is responsible for facilitating and maintaining appropriate consultation and collaboration with all the partners - families and children, staff, board of directors, Metro Vancouver, community members, and for providing the management required to carry out the policy decisions of the board of directors.  The centre Administrator is responsible for planning and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the centre, including the staff team, parents and facility liaisons.  PCDCS is committed to developing an effective and flexible staff team.

All supervising staff members are licensed in the field of Early Childhood Education or carry equivalent degrees or certificates appropriate to their specific program.  All staff must hold a current first aid certificate and participate in the criminal record search process under the Criminal Records Review Act.  All staff must attend professional development courses, seminars and conferences to keep up to date in the field of child care.  The staff are always available to discuss the progress of your child and are open to any suggestions that might make the centre a more meaningful experience.   

PCDCS also welcomes the opportunity to participate in the practicum portion of training programs for early childhood education students.  The supervisors co-ordinate with teaching institutions the placement of practicum students into the centre and ensures adequate staff supervision for practicum students.


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